A holistic approach

At Oceans Within Wellness, we work to find optimal health by restoring balance and adopting lifestyle changes that are best suited for you. We understand that each person has their own individual biological make up and therefore we work to develop original plans for each client. We do this through nutrition, movement and mindfulness.

Hello, I’m Sophie, a Muskoka-based holistic nutritionist and yoga teacher. I want to help you achieve your health goals and build a positive relationship with food.

Through our work together, you’ll become attuned to your body and learn to make food choices that are intuitive rather than prescriptive. My passion for holistic health gained focus during a 6-week study at Rishikesh Yog Peeth, an ashram in Northern India. There I learned about myself, my body and my practice and discovered an ability to help individuals restore balance and find a healthy lifestyle through yoga and food.

Throughout my adolescence, I had a strained and complicated relationship with food and with my body. After years of hard work learning and healing, I have come to understand the positive and far-reaching impacts healthy eating can have physically, mentally and spiritually. Becoming a holistic nutritionist has allowed me to use this knowledge to help others, guiding them to a place of balance, confidence and optimal health.

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Sophie Lovell, R.H.N.
(705) 635-1657