Preparing for pregnancy, naturally.

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As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and yoga instructor, Sophie specializes in cycle balancing, family planning and fertility support. Working with Sophie you’ll learn more about your body, find balance and work towards your goals.



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NEW! Virtual Yoga

Connect with others, learn a new skill and give your body the gift of movement, all from the comfort of your own home! Join Sophie for brand new virtual yoga classes with a flexible schedule and many different payment options. No skill or special equipment required—all you need is an internet connection!

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“Your classes are so satisfying! I appreciate how you say I can modify or try different aspects of poses. This gives me a sense of how I’ll be moving someday!”


“With Sophie’s help, I’ve been able to make small, easy changes to my diet and lifestyle that have had a huge positive impact on the way I feel on a daily basis.”


Sophie Lovell, R.H.N.
(705) 635-1657